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Slab swangas

Slabs have an interesting history, and are very much a product of 1970s pimp culture and Blaxploitation films. The first slabs came out in the '80s, but were a far-cry from the slabs of today. In 1983 and 1984, the car's signature '83 and '84 swangas could be bought brand new at a few Houston Cadillac dealers and were a hit in H-Town. Sep 14, 2020 · By this definition, this first.

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And one of the showiest exaggerations on these slab cars is the swanga– rims that look like the classic Caddy rims of '83-' 84 but have more of an outward thrust or elbow. The swangas can pop a good six-inches out from the rims and still be perfectly. mountain bikes for sale denver; answers to relias exams; chrome door trim for cars; venture.

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Slabs are a form of material culture that illuminate the values, attitudes, and ideas of the local hip-hop communities. I think it's the 'swangas' that separate slabs from other custom car.

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Langston: A slab is typically an older model, large-bodied, American sedan — Cadillac, Lincoln, Oldsmobile, etc. And it's embellished or outfitted with various types of body additions, the first.

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Many major cities across the states boast rich & distinct car scenes, which often focus on a certain aesthetic style, or the raw automotive power fueling an.

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